Beyond Church Walls

…Impacting the world
Mt 5:14-16


• In recent times it has been observed that there is an urgent need for the church to take its place in the Global society, this implies that the church should be a fore runner in all spheres of life and godliness

• The key to enabling the church impact and invariably lead the world is the application of wisdom, understanding her purpose, designing and implementing strategies to attain her purpose and walking circumspectly by integrating market place dynamics in every day activities which actually have its foundation in the word of God. Eph. 5:15

• There is an increasing need for the Body of Christ to develop the skills , competencies and experience that will enable her dominate the 7 mountains of influence and take its rightful place as not only the salt of the earth but also the light of the world Matthew 5:14-16.

• The church must lead the world and can only lead it when it dominates the mountains of influence Media,Entertainment,Government,Religion,Family,Economy,Education

• The time has come for the church to go into the world (Mark 16:15-16) and make disciples of men by the display of the wisdom and revelation that abounds in knowledge and true understanding of her identity, her potential, her role and her responsibility. There is a need for the Church to go beyond its walls. 

We help the Church define her role in the market place.


  • Vision Statement: To re-educate, equip and help the church  develop the skills, competencies and expertise required  that will enable her dominate the seven mountains of human influence globally
  • Mission Statement: Bridging the knowledge, service and business  gap between the church and the world strategically  delivered through four key methods using the CTTM Aproach- Coaching, Training, Teaching and Mentoring.