Demons have come to kill, steal, and destroy. They take possession of lives, oppress believers, and wreak havoc on the plans of God for His people. Could they be the source of YOUR struggles? Jesus did not say to counsel demons out or to medicate them out; He said, “Cast them out!” Every day, we give demons too much power when in fact, Jesus has given us authority to bind them and command them to leave. Please schedule below.



Steven Hambric
Prophet & Evangelist

I did not just wake up one morning and decide to start casting out demons, one day God opened the eyes of my heart and I was able to see them physically. The Holy Spirit guided me and I learned that through our thoughts and behaviors we give spirits a legal right. There is power in the name of Jesus you don't have to continue to live with a voice telling you to kill yourself. You just need to Repent in Trust in Jesus. Once I take you through that process you will be free in Jesus' Name!!! The word of God says if you receive a prophet you will receive a prophet's reward (Mat 10:41)